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"our highest recommendation" - Stage Directions Magazine (June 2004)

"It is possible to pull off a fantastic production on a limited budget in less than forty days"
- NEA Today (February, 2005)

"This book is crucial" - Spotlight Magazine (June 2004)

"absolutely brilliant " - star.com.my (2009)

"confidently recommended" - Midwest Book Review

"A valuable resource" - Choice Magazine - Nov. 2004

"I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone working in high school
or community theatre." - J. S. Green (Amazon.com review)

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Meet the Perfect Stage Crew

Able seaman BJ Davies tells the PSC why it's bad to whistle backstage.

Clips from the play.

Rough edit on flat-making.

Take me out to the ball game.

Hat Shop Door

Installing flats

The Pitch

The Perfect Stage Crew is theater's newest and best reference for crew sponsors and technical directors. Watch this fall as we bring The Perfect Stage Crew to video, and to a television near you. The Perfect Stage Crew is building the set and setting lights for the world premiere of Partners, a new play by Paul Bogas, and we'll have the video cameras running to catch every second of the process. Watch as things take shape, meet the members of The Perfect Stage Crew TV Show, and learn what they think about Partners and its set as they construct it.

Watch your fall TV listings to catch The Perfect Stage Crew TV Show, click back here for news, video clips, and announcements.

The Book

The Perfect Stage Crew: The Compleat Technical Guide for High School, College and Community Theater is the definitive "how-to" book for backstage work. Author John Kaluta shows, in 240 pages, the step-by-step processes that make a theater tick, everything from scenic design and set building to focusing lights and cue writing. Stage Directions Magazine has given The Perfect Stage Crew "our highest recommendation." The Perfect Stage Crew is available from the publisher, Allworth Press, or at Amazon.com.

Meet the author, and learn more about The Perfect Stage Crew by clicking here.

Read more about The Perfect Stage Crew here.

Book Reviews

Stage Directions Magazine has given The Perfect Stage Crew "our highest recommendation." Read the entire review here.

PSC is "confidently recommended" by the Midwest Book Review.

"This book is crucial," AACT Spotlight magazine (June 2004).

Take a look behind the scenes at The Perfect Stage Crew here.

The TV Crew

The cast of The Perfect Stage Crew IS the crew, who will build the set for Partners right before your eyes. Meet them, and the TV tech crew, by clicking here.

The Daily Reports

Read the daily Producer's Report, Mr. K's notes to the crew and the TV crew. You'll get a little hint of what's coming on the TV show, and learn a few "secrets" about the entire production.


2004 Baltimore Playwrights Festival Results

Partners selected Best Play


Best Production

congratulations to the playwright and the PSC!

Partners, set in New York about a quarter of a century ago, is the story of two brothers faced with the prospect of losing the family business. They must deal with their culture, their memories of their late father, their relationship with each other, the realities of business and their own fears and dreams as they grow old themselves and cope with their partnership and its heart-wrenching legacy. Written by Paul Bogas, Partners premiered at the Fell's Point Corner Theater on August 19th, 2004, and was selected the BEST PLAY in the 2004 Baltimore Playwright's Festival. The Perfect Stage Crew efforts, chronicled in the TV show, were awarded BEST PRODUCTION honors.

Click here to learn more about the play and its playwright.

Click here to see some scenes from the play.

The Reviews are in!

The reviews confirm it... Partners is a hit. When the Baltimore Sun hails you as, "a welcome bright light," you know you've got a good thing going. Bogas is, "a writer who creates believable characters and tackles serious subjects and themes." The Sun continues, Partners has "...the makings of an Arthur Miller play." LifeTimes.com writes, "New play fest saves the best for last," and remarks, "an impressive set ...could be out of an Edward Hopper painting." The CityPaper, though more circumspect in it's review, still glows, "exquisite set design... lovingly detailed... You can feel the family history that Sammy so desperately wants to preserve," and admits, "Richard Peck (has) a notable degree of bumbling, aw-shucks charm."

Click below to read the reviews.

The Baltimore Sun


The Baltimore CityPaper

Perform Partners

Your theatre company can perform Partners, the award winning new play by Paul Bogas. Schools and community theaters may qualify for a reduced royalty. Simply send an inquiry by email to The Perfect Stage Crew. We can send you scripts, set design ideas, if you are located in the Mid-Atlantic region we can even provide a set! Partners has a three man (upper middle-aged adult male) cast. It would be difficult to recast Partners as anything but three men, so consider that before seeking permission to perform Partners.

The Theater

The PSC is proud to have been affiliated with The Fell's Point Corner Theater, home to one of Baltimore's most beloved theater groups. Residing just north of Fell's Point in a refurbished fire station, The Fell's Point Corner Theater strives to bring the best in theater to Baltimore's discerning arts patron. The Fell's Point Corner Theater is located at 251 South Ann St. in Fell's Point, MD., just off Broadway.

Check out their website here.


Here are links to Mr. Kaluta's Technopolis columns for Projection Lights and Staging News magazine. Click below to read each article.

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